Caryn is grateful for the support of many in the community. Following is a list of those who are supporting her campaign for district court judge.

If you would like to be added to the list, please fill out the form, below, and we will add you as soon as we can!

Supporters of Caryn VanderHeuvel
for District Judge:

Nancy Adamson

Ambereen Ahmed

Lorraine Amstutz

Lee Aplin

Jo Aplin

Sarah Balmer

Dr. Glenn Betrus

Violet Betrus

Dr. Chris Borgiel

Robyn Borgiel

Dr. Frank Brettschneider

Cheryl Brettschneider

Andra Burke

Tim Butler

Maureen Butler

Andrea Cansfield

Richard Chapman

Martha Chapman

Vern Collins

Gloria Collins

Keith Collins

Amy Collins

Honorable Peter Deegan

Barb Deegan

Larry Dent

Janet Dent

Jeff Dent

Jon Dent

Sara Dent

Jim Downey

Kara Downey

Kelli Dunn

Marty Eagen

Angie Eagen

Mike Glenn

Kate Glenn

Casey Goryl

Jenny Goryl

Trevor Graham

Anne Graham

Dale Hemmila

John Huber

Shelly Huber

Donn Hudgens

Nigar Hussain

Sean Johnston

Cheryl Kaski

Andy Kiteley

Shelly Kiteley

Eric Klink

Mary Klink

Dale Lashbrook

Teena Lashbrook

Laura Lee

Myron Lee

Mark Maher

Valerie Maher

Steve Marcero

Julie Marcero

Gerry Mason

Dr. Hema Nandi

Dr. Amit Nandi

Bill Netter

Doris Netter

Mike O’Connor

Jill O’Connor

Lori O’Hare

Ed Paquette

Rob Patterson

Kathy Patterson

Wade Richards

Janice Richards

Jim Rokuski

Melissa Rokuski

County Commissioner David Rushing

Patti Samar

Dave Shevnock

Vicki Shevnock

Mary Somogy

Dave Stein

Colleen Stein

Penny Stein

Jerry Stephens

Erica Stephens

Susan Tetreau

Steve Tetreau

Honorable John Tomlinson

Ann Tomlinson

JoAnn Tomlinson

Ed VanderHeuvel

Sarah VanderHeuvel

Brett VanDrew

Dana VanDrew

Kevin Watkins

Gerry Weaver

Jenny Weaver

Gary Westrick

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